Quick painting of Tear Grants from the game ‘Tales of the Abyss,’ one of my favorites. Sketched on paper, painted in Photoshop and finished in Procreate.

Speed painting— ‘Forest Traveler’ in Photoshop and completed in Procreate.

Finished painting of Sailor Jupiter in procreateapp.

Steps for the painting Riding Dragon. A larger version of these steps is also available here.

Quick sketch of Mamoru in his tuxedo, with a rose, of course.

Princess Serenity sketched in about 1.5 hours.

Some sketches in progress. Top: Princess Serenity. Bottom left, original character— same as the previous one in a previous post, I’m working on refining the design. Right character is also an original design, shaping up to be some monster-dude/NPC. As always, I have little direction with art and draw whatever is interesting to me at the time.

This is an original, unnamed character. No name, gender, anything yet- just toying with brushes and ideas in procreateapp.

QuestionCan you please do the rest of the senshi like mercury and mars with the sparklies? *o* They are so pretty! I love your art! Answer

Already done Mercury and Mars. I love them as well! :-)

Mercury: http://rkivic.tumblr.com/post/93754278970/repaint-of-an-earlier-piece-sailor-mercury-done

Mars: http://rkivic.tumblr.com/post/73910535560/sparkles-and-shininess-a-fan-painting-i-did-of

Brian and I watched Act 5 of Sailor Moon Crystal last night. I really enjoyed this episode a lot, especially Makoto’s portrayal. I’ve been inspired to continue this work in progress for one of my best friends. So far, I’ve put about 3 hours into the coloring. I’ll post more progress pictures or doodles if folks are interested.